Dead Lucky 13 – Craftsmanship & Passion



Passion / Uniqueness

Dead Lucky 13 products are very limited edition collection pieces that are passionately hand crafted. Some of their features include:

  • Individual registration and series numbers of authenticity.
  • Offered in a selection of red, blue and green leather labels.
  • Elaborate embroidery designs realised through both leather and fabric.
  • Filled with Spanish Merino wool and individually sewn closed.
  • Special artisan gift boxes to both house and exhibit each mascot.
  • 100% Made in Spain so you are assured to receive a quality product.

Like you each individual amulet is unique and no two are identical, not even ones crafted with the same fabric. To ensure this we alternate the fabric patterns to position each slightly differently from all others to guarantee the individuality of each amulet.

Regardless of whether you are choosing a Dead Lucky 13 for yourself or a special someone you will be able to find one which appeals to every personality. Life is a long and winding road full of surprises, make sure you travel in good company.

The Labels

Red / Blue / Green


Confident and vibrant these amulets are made with premium European leather including lambskin, calfskin, goat skins, nappa and suedes. We hand select each hide according to the colour, textures and finishes which best suit your amulet.


Spirited amulets with a real bite. These amulets are crafted using a selection of premium water snakes which have an edgy bravado that separate them from the mammals. The skins generally contain a smooth surface and uniform scale size. This label also includes a selection whip snakes with some amazing colour patterns.


Bold, provocative and made to break the rules. Striking genuine python amulets that literally take your breath away. Large scales that are noticeable to both sight and touch. These are not conversation pieces, these are the conversation.

Our Promise

Real “Made In” / Not “Made in” Labelling

Trust is the basis of any relationship. If consumers do not trust a product they will not buy it. Personal knowledge of where and how a product is made can and does influence a consumer’s choice.

As a company and as consumers we believe buyers should be able to easily trace the origin of a product they are considering. Consumers must feel secure they are purchasing a product which is safe and free from potentially hazardous substances.

We also believe most honest manufacturers would welcome proposals for greater transparency to increase consumer trust and their appetite for their products.

Unfortunately, we also live in a world where “Made In” may also mean preforming an insignificant process such as fastening a snap or zipper to warrant an origin claim. In these cases marketing speak blurs reality and displays a loyalty to shareholders, not respect to clients.

We find these practices deceptive and do not endorse them. In our case we warrant that all Dead Lucky 13 products are designed, elaborated and manufactured in Spain to strict quality standards and safety so you are assured that you are receiving a quality, long lasting product made with all natural materials.

We want our customers to love our products, live long and someday proudly gift their amulet to the next generation.