Our people – Lucky numbers & superstitions

Who are we?

We are a small team with heaps of real world experiences that have shaped us, warped us and whose destiny brought us together to invade a small Spanish village with the modest goal of spreading good luck to the four corners of the planet with our Dead Lucky 13 brand products.

Mixing Spaniards, an American, Brit, Frenchman and a Portuguese just goes to show that lots can be achieved as long as there is enough wine and no one speaks about politics.

Get to know what makes us tick.


Company Emperor / Ambassador

Joking apart our founder and brand ambassador shouldn’t really be alive. The Grim Reaper has knocked on his door so often his knuckles bleed. An entrepreneur and world traveler he has survived serious car accidents, bike accidents, being struck by a propeller and a bout of meningitis. During Pamplona’s San Fermin he doesn’t run in front of the bulls, he says he’s there to enjoy the party not to provoke fate. That’s pretty philosophical for a guy born on the thirteenth.

  • Favorite Dead Lucky 13:Mascaras 65
  • Lucky Number:13
  • Superstitions:Black cats.


General Manager / Co Founder

Lawyers come and go, however, a career in spreading good fortune is a privilege. Seriously having lived and worked in Spain, the UK and the USA what the hell is an attorney doing coordinating everything here at Dead Lucky 13? Well, the fact is that Gracia keeps the wheels smoothly rolling through the various phases of the elaboration and procurement. Gracia enjoys socializing, family and her village’s numerous festivals. Since she started at Dead Lucky 13 she does not have much time for these trivialities so her flamenco dresses are getting a good rest.

  • Favorite Dead Lucky 13:Psicodelia 124
  • Lucky Number:17
  • Superstitions:Breaking a mirror.


 IT / Branding

 No one talks much with Jesus. We know he is human because he breathes, drinks coffee and plays tennis. Problem is his IQ makes him intimidating. You know that buzzing sound a computer makes when it ´s opening a heavy file? Well, that sound was actually cloned from the sound that Jesus´ brain makes when he thinks. When you ask him a question he stands motionless and stares silently for a moment, makes that buzzing sound and comes up with a solution.

  • Favorite Dead Lucky 13:Nocturno 189
  •  Lucky Number: 8
  • Superstitions: Anything and everything yellow.


Logistics / Transport 

 Ever offered to help out and then it turns out you are naively sucked into a black hole from which you cannot escape? Well, Manuel is a testament that University students can survive without a summer vacation. Driving, loading, unloading, packing, working early and late we exploited this guy like a camel carrying the population of a small village through the desert. When he does graduate from aerospace studies we hope he will arrange the voyage of the first Dead Lucky 13 in space.

  • Favorite Dead Lucky 13: Piratas Azules 4
  • Lucky Number: 7
  • Superstitions:Openning an umbrella indoors. 


 Marketing / Social Media

An education is overrated, so we pulled this senorita out of school at fifteen to work for us. Well, not actually, although we have relied on her insight for everything social media. She gives us that street view of what is hot, what’s not and what’s the next hot. She tells us what the graphs, reports and statistics don’t. Our motto is that if you want to know what life is really like in the trenches then better ask a soldier than look at a satellite photos. Havana is our social Rambo and we aim to exploit her as much as possible until she goes on to University to study marketing.  

  • Favorite Dead Lucky 13:  American 192
  • Lucky number:  24
  • Superstitions: Stepping on the white lines in pedestrian crossings.


Fashion / Model 

After graduating with a fashion degree in London, Carmen went on to do some gigs in New York. When she returned we approached her to do a prototype of our initial designs. A week later she returned with what would become the first Dead Lucky 13. We drew the face with a ballpoint pen and thought it was wonderful. In hindsight it looked like crap, however, that is not the point because we could see the potential. This first model is now housed in a corporate vault in the Dead Lucky 13 Museum. Oh, and let us not forget, if she is brunette, holding a Dead Lucky 13 and on our website banners then chances are it’s Carmen.  

  • Favorite Dead Lucky 13: Serendipity Divine 62
  • Lucky Number: 2
  • Superstitions: If she sees wood she has to knock on it.