Dead Lucky 13 – Shipping, times & rates.

Dead Lucky 13 ships WORLDWIDE.

Because good fortune has "almost" no frontiers.

European Economic Area

EU + / Iceland, Liechentenstein and Norway

(For their chocolate and coffee we’ll throw in Switzerland and Turkey here too!)

ECONOMY SHIPPING 10 EUROS – Certified Priority Mail.

The guys at the post office say 3-5 working days to all these countries….hmmm, postman are funny sometimes. We are told this is certainly possible if you happen to live in a large city in a large country. For the rest we have our doubts. If you live near the arctic circle in Norway please keep warm, hang tight and be prepared to wait longer. If your reindeer can’t wait this long for luck, then we suggest the express shipping option.


(Except Spain and Portugal 10 Euros)

Your other half says, “You’re not going to get lucky until I receive my amulet!” Don’t think twice, go for the express shipping. Here are the approximate working days left until you need to chill that bottle on Dom Perignon.

  • Spain and Portugal: 1-2 days
  • All the rest: 1-3 days

North America

US, Canada and Mexico + / PR, Hawaii & Alaska

ECONOMY SHIPPING USD $14 – Certified Priority Mail.

Here we go again about to take a poke at the postal service. We are told that the shipment will take between 7 – 9 working days. In our experience this is generally accurate. Now here comes the but. If you happen to live in Lost Springs, Wyoming it will take longer. If you live somewhere that the Nunavut Indians once called home then consider Lost Springs an international transport hub in comparison. We love small towns, however, you have been warned.

EXPRESS SHIPPING USD $20 – Courier Service

(Except Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, little islands …. ect)

We have negotiated great rates with our courier to North America plus we are subsidising this baby. Really you say? Try sending a paper clip from North America to Europe with a courier, chances are it will cost you at least double. All of our shipments fly to JFK then continue their onward journey. So if you live in the Big Apple or the East Coast you are going to get lucky faster than anyone else. If you live in the west then just add more day. If you are a celebrity in Los Angeles and wish to receive your amulet in person then please send us more info, have a limo and cameraman ready for us at LAX and we may be ready to fly your amulet in person.

  • The approximate transit times are 2-3 days.


Definition / Countries

Without pocking fun, let us be honest. The world is a big place so let us narrow it down to the places where you are most likely to receive your shipment without any major inconvenience.

ECONOMY SHIPPING 10 EUROS – Certified Priority Mail.

Offered to Argentina, Australia, Chile, Japan, New Zealand, Rep. of Korea and South Africa.

When we ask the postal service about the delivery time here they change the subject. Seriously, we guess between 14 to 21 working days.


Offered to Argentina, Australia, Chile, Japan, New Zealand, Rep. of Korea and South Africa.

NOTE: If you are interested in receiving luck and are not on the list then please email us to work something out.


All our prices include local taxes and import/custom duties for international orders in the Australia, EU, Canada and the USA.

For all other countries we are not responsible for any custom fees, taxes and any other additional costs associated with your purchase which are the responsibility of the customer. Please contact your local customs office for more information. Thank you for your understanding.

Please also note that the above delivery times can change depending, force majeure and the time of the year. We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages or packages delayed in transit.