Amulets & Talismans. How lucky charms work

What is a Dead Lucky 13?

Dead Luck 13

AKA / Amulet, Talisman, Lucky Charm.

We are all born dreamers, visionaries and legends. We all have the capacity to achieve our wildest dreams during our lifetime.

“Today’s the Day” should be our unceasing chant because as the Greek philosopher Virgil (70 – 19 B.C.) put it, “Fortune Favours the Brave.”

Our mantra at Dead Lucky 13 is to take chances, be bold, be tenacious and to inspire you to achieve your dreams.

The immensity of our potential is staggering. What today is only a dream can instantly became an undeniable reality. Everyone of us can own a piece of destiny as we want to shape it if we only dare. You can achieve this without Shamans because all of the power of luck is already inside you or as we say, “Because You Are”.

The Dead Lucky 13 good luck amulet is symbolic, inspirational and serves as a reminder to never lose sight of your dreams, so make sure to place it in a visible place in your home, work and take it on your travels. Let your amulet serve you as a reminder of your endless potential every day.

The Inspiration

Positive Energy / Chances

Luck? Most scientists dismiss superstitions as irrational yet it is estimated that over fifty percent of the population is at least somewhat superstitious. Psychologists have long been fascinated with such thinking and some have begun to believe that lucky charms may actually work.

In essence the prevailing theory is that people who have lucky charms expect lucky events to happen to them and thus are more confident. This in turn has them take chances and to place themselves in circumstances to benefit from chance encounters and circumstances.

Whether you call this the Law of Attraction or optimism chances are you can influence your destiny with the positive energy inside you.

Throughout history man has searched for objects to provide them with good fortune. The Dead Lucky 13 line of amulets have been inspired by the Celtic belief in skulls as lucky, a sign of protection and positive change.


Dead Lucky 13 Amulets

Mass Appeal / Not Mass Produced

Your Dead Lucky 13 amulet mascot is a fashionable companion for the biker, banker, bartender and everyone in between. Keep it in a visible place. Put a lottery ticket under it’s arm. Stand it on a shelf or hang it from your monitor. Swirl it three times around your head as a ritual before that important meeting. Take it to that card game or to a sports game!

Scientific studies indicate that most people who use a lucky charm expect good things to happen and usually experience better luck. Problem is a rabbit’s foot is out of fashion, four leaf clovers wilt and everyone can’t be Irish.

Each limited edition amulet is hand made using all natural materials. They are unique pieces of art that come with their unique series number on their leather label. They make you feel good by releasing all that positive energy which is already inside you.

Each Dead Lucky 13 amulet has a message behind it, although, the most important story is an evolving one. You are the story.