Why we use natural Spanish Merino Wool.

Baa, Bah,

OK, so what is so special about Spanish Merino wool anyway?

Spanish Merino Sheep

AKA / Ovis Aries

How and when they arrived in Spain is a big question mark. Some venture that the Phoenicians, Romans or Berbers brought them there although Iberian cave paintings depict sheep prior to 1000 B.C.

Spanish Merino wool became such a valuable commodity that up to the 18th century the unauthorised export of Merino sheep was a crime punishable by death. Today, Spanish Merino wool is still regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep.

All Dead Lucky 13 our products are stuffed with 100% pure Spanish Merino wool which is harvested once per year by local shepherds whose flocks do not normally exceed two hundred sheep.


  • Intelligence: Sheep can recognise up to 50 other sheep and human faces.
  • Sight: Their rectangular pupils allow them to see almost 360 degrees.
  • Record: The world’s oldest recorded living sheep was named “Lucky”.

Real Merino Wool

Long Lasting / Naturally Safer

Wool is considered a luxury fibre and is not cheap in comparison with synthetic substitutes which do not come close to matching the durable properties of real wool. Wool fiber can withstand being bent 20,000 times without breaking. In comparison some synthetics, like rayon, can only be bent 75 times before fracturing.

Wool is one of the most long lasting stuffing materials available. In addition wool is considered a safe and natural product. When exposed to flame wool naturally self-extinguishes.

All Dead Lucky 13 products are made with 100% real wool stuffing. This ensures you receive a quality product that will retain it’s original properties for a very long time and which future generations will fight for and enjoy.


Look around at your plush mascots. Chances are that these were stuffed with synthetic fibres such as Polyfill or Fiberfill. These are plastic fibres which in a relatively short time become limp and loose their shape. Sound familiar? Most of these items have short life spans, end up in landfills and are not Earth friendly.

Naturally Healthier

Super-Wool / Super-Healthy

  • Wool is hypoallergenic. Allergies to wool are one of the rarest known to man.
  • Wool is ideal for asthma sufferers since it is non-static it doesn’t attract dust.
  • 100% natural wool is both stain and water-resistant.
  • Wool has anti-bacterial properties that keep it from mildewing.
  • Wool is both ecologically and animal friendly. (The animal is not harmed).


Sheep graze mainly in lands unsuitable for traditional crops thus they do not compete with farmlands. Our wool is washed with mild ecological soap that does not harm our rivers. By using Merino wool we support local shepherds, their villages and this maintains their traditional way of life. Our wool comes from independent sheep farmers that care for small flocks in a profession which is often handed down from generation to generation. It is not unusual to see shepherds walking their flocks over twenty kilometres through rough terrain every day.